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Fraud has the potential to undermine AHL’s ability to achieve its objectives and impact its reputation and ethical organisational culture.

AHL has zero-tolerance for dishonest, fraudulent or corrupt behaviour by employees, contractors and third-party service providers and is committed to deterring and preventing fraud and corruption across its business operations.

AHL’s Fraud and Corruption Policy Statement provides more information about AHL’s commitment to best practice in fraud and corruption control management to protect public money, property and information.

Reporting suspected fraud

AHL takes all allegations of fraudulent or unethical behaviour seriously and will investigate reports of suspected fraud confidentially, promptly and professionally.

To report an incident of suspected fraud, corruption or unethical behaviour, please complete a Fraud Incident Report form and include as much available information as possible, such as:

  • details and dates of the suspected incident
  • details of the persons involved (employee, supplier, member of other external party)
  • the estimated value of the alleged fraudulent, corrupt or improper conduct.

All efforts will be made to investigate reports of fraud allegations. While you may remain anonymous, an anonymous report can make investigating and prosecuting the matter more difficult.

Fraud reports may be submitted by email to or post to:

AHL Audit and Risk Unit
Aboriginal Hostels Limited
PO Box 30
Woden ACT 2606