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Two hostel residents playing in garden

Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL) works closely with state and territory governments and other stakeholders to bolster accommodation efforts in high-need locations.

During the 2023–24 summer, we worked with the Northern Territory (NT) Government and other organisations to help deliver the Summer in Central Australia initiative. This plan was focused on stakeholders working together to support community safety through preventative measures and community engagement.

Part of the initiative involved increased outreach services for rough sleepers and by working with Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation Night - Assertive Outreach Engagement Officers and various homelessness services, AHL was able to be connected with people in need of a safe place to stay. To meet the surge in people needing accommodation over the summer, AHL had beds available at the Apmere Mwerre Visitor Park and was able to support up to 8 residents at any one time.

These residents said that staying at Apmere Mwerre made a real change in their lives, as it offered accommodation and 3 meals a day in a safe and welcoming environment.

All of the residents who stayed at Apmere Mwerre through the initiative have now moved to other accommodation. One of the families accommodated through this initiative was supported by the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress to rent a small unit in Alice Springs. The family moved to the unit in late February 2024. AHL was happy to contribute towards this positive outcome for that family.

AHL’s Acting Director of Frontline Services for the region said, ‘AHL can be a useful stepping stone for people who need secure accommodation. Giving people some stability at a time they desperately need it and seeing them move on to longer term accommodation options makes it all worthwhile.’

AHL aims to work in partnership with other organisations to meet shared objectives around supporting First Nations outcomes, in this case, supporting a family into a safe, secure home.

Apmere Mwerre Visitor Park