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From little things, big things grow at Daisy Yarmirr Hostel

Published: Mon, 04/12/2023

A garden transformation took place recently at AHL’s Daisy Yarmirr Hostel in Darwin, thanks to the

Community partnership completes the Kirinari yarning circle

Published: Mon, 27/11/2023

A yarning circle is a gathering place where people come together.

Durungaling Hostel continues to evolve - 50 years on

Published: Mon, 13/11/2023

Aboriginal Hostels Limited’s (AHL) CEO Dave Chalmers visited AHL’s multipurpose Durungaling Hostel on 20 October 2023, which marked 50 years to the day since the setting of the foundation stone at the hostel.

AHL’s 2022–23 Annual Report has been published

Published: Fri, 27/10/2023

Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL) is proud to present our 2022–23 Annual Report.

An opportunity to grow a career

Published: Mon, 09/10/2023

Growing up in Cherbourg in Queensland did not offer Anita Leedie many opportunities.

For Anita, staying at AHL’s Iris Clay Hostel in Townsville while studying at TAFE was a lifechanging experience. It started her journey to a career with AHL, now in its 35th year.